What is Sublimation? 

The production technique is relatively simple. When sublimation inks are heated to 400°F, they turn into a gas and form a permanent bond to 100% white or light color polyester fabric or items that have a polymer coating. The result is a premium full-color, photographic-quality image that will not crack, peel or wash away from the substrate.

Can I use Sublimation only on fabrics?

NO. Sublimation can be used on any hard substrate that is coated for sublimation transfers.

Is Sublimation printed on just plain paper?

Here at TattleToos, we use high quality Sublimation transfer paper. We use A-Sub or TexPrint paper. 

Can Sublimation print White?

No. Sublimation does not print in white. 

Can I use the same Sublimation transfer more than once?

No. They transfer can only be used one time. 

Can I use a Sublimation transfer on Cotton?

Sublimation MUST be used on at least 50% polyester. The higher the polyester percentage, the brighter and crisper the results will be. Sublimation only dyes polyester fibers so anything less than 100% polyester will yield a faded vintage look. 

Can I use a home iron with Sublimation transfers?

No. You must use a heat press. Home irons do not reach a high enough temperature (400 degrees). 

What is Permanent Glossy Adhesive?

Permanent Adhesive is used for decals. Most people use this for decorating computers, cups, phone cases, car windows and more. It is not recommended for painted surfaces as it can peel the paint when removed. 

What is Siser HTV?

Siser HTV (heat transfer vinyl) is used on fabrics. It can be applied to cotton, polyester and many blends. While we recommend a heat press, many have great results with a home iron. That is not something we guarantee or encourage. Please do so at your own discretion. A lot of transfers are large and a home iron would not cover the entire design for even application or enough pressure. 

Do you have instructions on how to apply HTV and Sublimation?

Yes we sure do. We send out detailed instruction sheets with each order. 

How long will it take to ship my order once placed?

We strive to get Sublimation orders out withing 3 to 5 BUSINESS days. For larger orders, it could be longer. 

For any orders containing vinyl, we ship out in 7 to 10 BUSINESS days. For larger orders, it could be longer.