Sublimation Information

Sublimation General Rules

These guidelines for sublimation make the prints work the best.

  • All heat presses work differently, so make sure you know your equipment.
  • Sublimation works at high heat (360-400 degrees) to vaporize the ink and transfer it to dye the fabric.
  • Prep garment to be pressed by removing any lint or debris from the print surface.
  • Our sublimation prints and inks work for POLYESTER The more polyester in the garment, or item, the more ink will stay in the fibers.
  • Any blends of polyester and anything else (cotton, rayon, spandex, etc) will cause the print to have a vintage look. The ink from the print ONLY ADHERES TO POLYESTER!  And after the first wash, it will probably fade more because the extra ink is washed away.
  • Sublimation doesn’t print in white as a color.  
  • Sublimation shows up best on white. You can use very light pastels, but the darker the color, the less of the print you will see.  Any tint to the fabric could change the end result of the print.  It does not work on dark color fabrics.
  • We recommend you test a similar piece of fabric to get your equipment set correctly for the item you are trying to sublimate to. We test on bolts of cloth we purchase from fabric stores.
  • Press time, pressure, and temperature vary according to each individual machine. Make sure you keep track of your settings for individual items to use in the future.  Unfortunately, sublimation work is a great deal of trial and error…
  • TattleToos is not responsible for your equipment or your items. We supply the prints for you to transfer.  That’s why we recommend a test before the final press.  Make sure you know what size you need.  We will only refund or replace a sublimation print if it has arrived damaged from us.  Our prints are tried here on test fabric before they are sent out so we are sure of the quality.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND SUBLIMATION WORK BEFORE YOU ORDER PRINTS!!!