These heat transfers are printed with a white underbase so that they can be applied to any color fabric. They are for cotton, polyester or 50/50 poly blends. These are applied with a heat press and are a COLD PEEL.I print these in house. At this time, I offer any design I have as long as it will fit on 8.5 by 11. You would be surprised how many fit on this size sheet. If they sell well, I will offer up to 11x17.

Please ask me if you need a design that you don't see on the white toner tab of the website. These are new and I am having to add them one by one so please let me know and I can add it ASAP. Please allow 3 to 5 business days to ship.


Trim around the edge of the transfer to be sure no glue residue is left on the transfer.

Place transfer sheet print side down onto garment. We suggest you use heat resistant tape to secure the sheet to the garment.

Cover the transfer with a sheet of non-stick parchment paper or non-stick kraft paper and press the garment using a commercial heat press.

Cotton: 305 degrees F for 30 seconds, medium to firm pressure
Polyester: 265-285 degrees F for 30 seconds, medium to firm pressure
Poly-Blend Fabrics: 285-300 degrees F for 30 seconds, medium to firm pressure

Remove the garment from the heat press and immediately lay flat. Allow to cool at least 3-5 minutes.

Once the garment is COMPLETELY cooled, carefully peel away the transfer sheet in one smooth, continuous rolling motion. Removal while still warm could lead to an incomplete or faulty transfer. It is suggested that you start your peel from an area that has the most toner coverage. The image will adhere to the garment. We suggest you wait no longer than 15 minutes after cooling to peel the transfer.

When the transfer sheet has been removed, the image will need to be re-pressed to set the transfer for durability and to remove the glossy look. Place the garment back on the heat press and cover with the sheet of non-stick parchment paper (PLEASE remember the parchment paper or you will have sticky mess on the top platen of your heat press!) and re-press for 30 seconds at the original temperature.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash in cold water and lay flat or hang to dry.